Silhouette InstaLift

Lifting to Redefine Mid-Facial Contours

Lifting Facial Tissue

Minimally invasive techniques have advanced greatly in recent years. Many aspects of facial aging can be addressed with safe and effective techniques that offer your patients minimal downtime and lasting results.

While wrinkles, brown spots and lost volume can be treated with existing tools, no minimally invasive method for lifting the underlying tissue has been available until now: Introducing Silhouette InstaLift.  

Silhouette InstaLift device is indicated for use in mid-face suspension surgery to fixate the cheek sub dermis in an elevated position. 

For additional educational opportunities with resorbable suspension sutures, please click here. 


Facial Rejuvenation NeedAvailable Solution
Address tone and textureLaser resurfacing, microdermabrasion, creams and lotions
Smooth wrinklesNeurotoxins
Fill lines and replacement of lost volumeDermal fillers
Tighten skinRadiofrequency and ultrasound procedures
Unmet Rejuvenation NeedSolution Now Available
Lift deeper layers of skinSilhouette InstaLift
How It Works

How Silhouette Instalift Works

Silhouette InstaLift is a resorbable suspension suture with bidirectional cones. Each cone has a smooth 360º surface which immediately provides an anchoring point in the subcutaneous tissue.

Silhouette InstaLift is made from Polyglycolide/L-lactide (PLGA), a well-known biomedical copolymer that is generally well-tolerated in the body. It has a long history of use as a resorbable suture and its break down process has been extensively studied.

Once implanted, Silhoutte InstaLift provides mechanical fixation of the tissue until collagen production and subsequent encapsulation of the suture in collagen takes place, which is the start of the biological fixation.

This action continues over time and helps to increase the volume and restore shapeliness to the face gradually and naturally.

Important Silhouette InstaLift™ Safety Considerations

Silhouette InstaLift device is indicated for use in mid-face suspension surgery to fixate the cheek sub dermis in an elevated position. Users should be familiar with recommended techniques involving Silhouette InstaLift devices, as well as proper patient selection and suture placement.

The Silhouette InstaLift device should not be used in patients with any known allergy or foreign body sensitivities to plastic biomaterial or in situations where internal fixation is otherwise contraindicated, (e.g. infection.) The device should also not be used in patients appearing to have very thin soft tissue of the face in which the implant may be visible or palpable.

After placement patients may experience a minimal acute inflammatory tissue reaction. Symptoms may include minor pain, swelling and bruising. Material sensitivity / allergic reactions should be reported to Silhouette Lift Inc. Implantation of foreign materials in tissue can result in histological reactions. Other potential side effects include sensory nerve injury, asymmetry or banding.

Individual results may vary. The Silhouette InstaLift device is available only through a licensed practitioner. Click here for complete Instructions For Use. Silhouette InstaLift content MSL-041 rev C. 

Practice Benefits

Convenient In-Office Procedure

Silhouette InstaLift offers an advanced solution to lift and reposition the subdermal tissue of the mid-face. Typically the skin heals without scarring within a week at the needle entry and exit points of your patients. The procedure aims to achieve facial lifting in the mid-face by fixating the cheek sub-dermis in an elevated position. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis with local anesthesia only.

No Need to Invest in Attracting New Patients

Typical patients for this procedure are already in your practice, now you can offer them a more comprehensive set of solutions to treat their aging face.

Education and Support

When you bring Silhouette InstaLift into your practice you will receive comprehensive support to ensure the procedure is successfully integrated.

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