Minimally-invasive Electrocoagulation

ThermiVa® is a unique radiofrequency technology designed to safely heat tissue using a unique temperature controlled technology.  

Included Applications
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Available Add-Ons


Physicians using ThermiVa are pleased to have an in-office procedure, and patients are reporting excitement about a new option for women who want results without surgery.

ThermiVa bundle includes:

  • Temperature controlled RF Generator
  • Personal workstation
  • Starter Module 

ThermiVa Specifications:

Input Power100-120/200-240V ± 10%, 50/60 Hz
Output Power20 watts (maximum) 50-300 Ω 0-10 volts, in Stimulate Mode
Maximum Output Voltage80V, rms
Operating Frequency460 kHz (± 5kHz)
Set Temperature Range35-47°C; this range varies for each Power Delivery Mode
Dimensions5.75" H X 12.5" W X 13.0" D (146mm X 318mm X 330mm)
Weight12.6 lbs (5.7kg)

The ThermiVa system and probes are FDA cleared (K130689) and indicated for use in dermatological and general surgical procedures for electrocoagulation and hemostasis; creation of lesions in nervous tissue.


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